Robert Edward Hart Memorial Museum

About The Museum

This museum is a historic house where the interior setting of the home of Robert Edward Hart has been recreated and preserved. The prevailing atmosphere at this place plunges the visitor back into the time and lifestyle of the Mauritian poet.
Most of the poet’s property recovered after his death are exhibited – furniture, personal effects and his works (both published and manuscripts). The museum has four rooms: two bedrooms, a drawing room/office and a bathroom.
The reception counter is located at the main entrance. Publications and postcards are on sale here. Panels showing the biography of Robert Edward Hart and photographs depicting the opening of the museum in 1967 are displayed at the entrance.
The office/drawing room is the biggest exhibition space in the museum. It accommodates Hart’s office comprising a wooden desk, wooden chair, ink blotter, pen, ink pot, personal library and paintings. An office desk which he used as Curator/Librarian at the Mauritius Institute is also on display. This room also contains a painting of La Nef made by Roger Charoux in 2003, kitchen wares, a set of sofas, a screen made up of colour glass, his publications, poems, letters, manuscripts, violin, table lamp, typing machine, etc.
The bedroom of Robert Edward Hart is situated to the left of the reception counter. The bedroom furniture comprises a bed and bedside furniture. A showcase contains his personal effects – identity card, certificates, photographs, spectacles, medals, etc. On the walls a painting of his friend is hung. Opposite to the bedroom is the guest room which contains another bed, photographs and paintings. Manuscripts, poems and books are displayed in a showcase here. Adjoining this room is the bathroom which has a shower, a water closet and a couple of items of furniture.
A documentary entitled ” Robert Edward Hart – In Memoriam”, produced by the Mauritius College of the Air in 2003, is regularly shown in an annexed building, converted into an audiovisual room.
Office Desk
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