The Board

The Mauritius Museums Council is managed by the Mauritius Museums Board. The Board comprises a Chairperson, 7 ex-officio members and 5 members appointed by the Minister of Arts and Culture. Members of the Board hold office for a period of 3 years. The first Mauritius Museums Board was constituted on 23 March 2001. The composition of the present Board is:


Mr Somduth Dulthumun


Mrs. Mariella Annabelle Arekion, Principal Culture Officer, Representative of Ministry of Arts and  Cultural Heritage
Mrs Pooja Ramjutton Ramsurrun, Analyst/Senior Analyst, Representative of Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning & Development
Mr Beesham Dwarka,  Acting Senior Tourism Planning Executive,   Representative of Ministry of Tourism and External communication
Mrs Laksmi Devi Rupear, Assistant Permanent Secretary. Representative of Ministry of Education and Human Resources
Mr. D. Ramracheya,  Director, National History Museum, Mahebourg
Mr V. Rupear,  Director, Natural History Museum, Port louis

Other Members

Mr. Ashok Seesaram
Mr. Beejaye Somai
Mr Dhruvanand Dinnoo, MSK
Mrs Marie Jocelyne Noellette Dantier
Mr Sunyog Naga


Mrs Bhaswattee Sumessur, WPO, Mauritius Museums Council


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