Code of ethics


The Code of Ethics of the Mauritius Museums Council (MMC)) is aimed at promoting ethical values and good governance and ultimately enhancing the image of the organization through effective service delivery. The Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards that Board Members/employees shall adopt in view of maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

This code applies to all the Board Members and employees of the Mauritius Museums Council. Board Members/employees have to be loyal, committed, results-oriented, customer-centred, and above all, they have to adhere to a high standard of service values and principles.

Board Members/employees are required to maintain confidentiality in the performance of their duties, particularly where the disclosure of information may prejudicially affect the interests of the organization as well as the State, or lead to incitement of an offence or illegal or unlawful gains to any person or body.

Board Members/employees have the responsibility to always conduct and behave in a professional manner and demonstrate, respect towards all persons, whether colleagues or members of the public.

The MMC also has a duty of fairness and security towards its Board Members/Employees and other Stakeholders.

1.         Mauritius Museums Council (MMC)

The Mauritius Museums Council is responsible for the public museums service under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage.  It was established by the Mauritius Museums Council Act No. 3 of 2000, which replaced the Mauritius Institute Advisory Council Act of 1985.

The Mauritius Institute was founded by virtue of Ordinance No.19 of 1880, to establish and incorporate a Public Institute, a Public Museum and a Public Library for the purpose of promoting the general study and cultivation of the various branches and departments of Arts, Sciences, Literature and Philosophy.  The Mauritius Institute functioned as a national scientific and cultural institution mainly dedicated to carrying out research and disseminating knowledge.  Several learned societies were incorporated within the Mauritius Institute in the past.

On 30 May 2000, the Mauritius Museums Council Act was passed by the National Assembly and came into operation on 31 August 2000. The new Act provides for the management and development of the Mauritius Museums Council which has under its purview two National and Six Specialized museums.

The Mauritius Museums Council is also responsible for the maintenance of the Millennium Monument at Wooton and also for a site already earmarked for the setting up of a Railway museum.

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